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Please join us for "EXTENT"

curated by jill moniz /// a quotidian project 

April 14 - May 26, 2018

Wednesday - Saturday 12-6 PM     ///     Sunday 12-5 PM


EXTENT is an investigation of sculptural volume and form featuring Los Angeles based artists

Peter Shelton

Blue McRight

Lisa Bartleson

Joe Davidson

Duane Paul

Nike Schroeder

Lisa Soto

The measure of EXTENT is realized in the diverse media that weigh narratives of loss, identity, the meaning of memory and the awareness of the form itself. From resin works, to wire, wood, bronze, yarn and plaster pieces that are sophisticated renderings of dimensionality. Exploring the elasticity of material and its ability to convey complex meaning, the works resonate with considerations of space in content and context, a particular Los Angeles sensibility since the 1960s where objects weigh meaning in concert with composition. 

In a tradition of experimentation and discovery, Los Angeles gives these artists the encouragement and permission to develop heavily narrative compositions with sculptural form. Shelton et al share a unique perspective on space and place-making that occurs when the narrative and physical substance contribute to the weight and/or weightless of the object.

EXTENT artists develop visual language that provocatively investigates the tension between painting and object, narrative and form, and weight and weightlessness, emphasizing scope and the relationship between sculptural materiality and meaning. This exhibition puts Shelton's historically important works in conversation with new works never exhibited in Los Angeles, to create a composition that challenges perception of volume and absence.


@Beta Main Museum/Project room

410 S Spring St, Los Angeles, CA 90013-2002, United States

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